Rolling Across Thailand

Bicycling from the border of Myanmar across the entire width of Thailand to the coast was an adventure I won’t soon forget. That the route I took was at the narrowest point of Thailand (just 12 kilometres wide) is beside the point – I can still honestly say I bicycled across the country.

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On Your Bike! Guided Bicycle Tours in and around Hua Hin

You see more bicycles on the road each day, pedal biking is becoming very popular indeed. A great way to avoid the traffic, a healthy way to exercise and on top of that you see so much more compared to being in a car. Several companies are offering guided bike tours in and around Hua Hin. We spoke with Christopher Byrd, who started Tour de Asia, one of the original companies that offer guided bike tours.

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Tour de Thailand 2014

Tens of thousands of people each year take cycling holidays. It’s possible that like-minded individuals can take these cycling holidays with more in mind than just another bicycle ride in a foreign land. Imagine a premium quality cycling tour that is fully supported, environmentally friendly, and a meaningful adventure that will change the world one smile at a time. The Tour de Thailand is a tour with charity at its heart that provides a whole lot of customer satisfaction to make sure our riders enjoy their efforts each and every kilometre along the way.

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