Tour de Thailand 2014

Tens of thousands of people each year take cycling holidays.  It’s possible that like-minded individuals can take these cycling holidays with more in mind than just another bicycle ride in a foreign land. Imagine a premium quality cycling tour that is fully supported, environmentally friendly, and a meaningful adventure that will change the world one smile at a time. The Tour de Thailand is a tour with charity at its heart that provides a whole lot of customer satisfaction to make sure our riders enjoy their efforts each and every kilometre along the way.

The big difference with the Tour de Thailand is that each participant raises a minimum of $1,000 US Dollars per section for Operation Smile, an organisation dedicated to providing free surgical treatment to children and young adults in developing countries who are suffering from facial deformities.

The 10th Annual Tour de Thailand is throughout the length of Thailand in 30 days over 1500 miles / 2400 kms which includes 24 days of riding and 6 strategic days off for sightseeing, relaxation, and to take it all in.

Bikes are ridden each day taking in all the sights along the way, with dinner parties and a comfortable night’s sleep after a day in the saddle. There will be plenty of rest stops along the route to refuel your body, fill your water bottles, and, should you need it, provide a repair for your bicycle. After arriving at the hotel, its shower time, then perhaps a massage or a cool drink in the pool while our bike techs maintain your bike in peak condition!

Riders can choose from the Eastern Seaboard, North-eastern, Northern, Central or Southern Regional  rides. These rides are life-changing rides—not races—through Thailand’s rich and diverse culture with breathtaking scenery, compassionate riders and caring support staff.  The 2014 Tour is on between May and July.  Strat planning early (and training!) so you can become a part of this great Event.

For more information contact the organising Company Tour de Asia Bicycle Touring Co. Ltd.  They are located at 15/120 Petchakasim Road (between Soi 27 and 29) Hua Hin.

Phone: 081 734 469 or email: