Discover Prachuap Khiri Khan on two wheels with Hua Hin Bike Tours

Prachuap Khiri Khan is a cyclist’s paradise and is well known for being one of the most popular cycling destinations in Thailand.

From its base in Khao Takiab, Hua Hin Bike Tours has been championing cycling and cycle tours in the region for well over a decade.

Regarded as one of Thailand’s premier bicycle touring companies, they offer the opportunity for locals and tourists to explore the picturesque landscapes of Prachuap Khiri Khan and the broader Thai coastline on two wheels.

Chris Byrd, the founder of Hua Hin Bike Tours, which is part of The Adventure Cycling (Thailand) Company, has carved a niche for his unique venture in Prachuap Khiri Khan’s vast landscape.

“I started out with the idea of riding my bicycle across Thailand and I thought that if I’m going to do something that big, I should do it for a worthy cause,” Chris shared in a recent interview with Hua Hin Today.

Chris’s journey from a casual cyclist in his younger days enjoying rides with his father to establishing a premier bicycle touring company is a testament to his passion and dedication.

Although he took a break from cycling during his tenure in the military and as a wine salesman, a sponsored cycling event in America reignited his love for the sport. It was a 500-kilometer event sponsored by Tanqueray gin. “I loved it. So, I signed up for four years in a row,” Chris said.

The subsequent move to Thailand and a successful 3,200 KM solo bicycle journey for charity changed the trajectory of his life. Chris’s feat was covered extensively by Thai media, from newspapers to TV channels. “I raised like 10,000 US dollars my first year and rode for 23 days. That was 2003, 20 years ago,” he reminisced.

The overwhelming interest in his charity rides propelled him to turn his passion project into a business. “I had made a little bit of money, saved and thought I wanted to see Thailand. And then I came up with the idea of raising money for charity,” Chris mentioned.

Chris’s company was hired by an Australian based charity helping Thai children here in Thailand, and they wanted him to conduct charity rides for them. “So we started out with one tour and then that doubled, and that doubled, and so on. Up until last year, we were doing five to ten charity rides a year for them. We made quite a name for ourselves,” he added.

It wasn’t long before Hua Hin, with its sea views, seafood, and tranquil roads, became the perfect hub for his growing venture. Chris explained, “Prachuap Khiri Khan was always my favourite province to cycle in. We were able to take over an existing cycle business and just went from there.”

Today, Hua Hin Bike Tours boasts a range of offerings, from self-guided tours with GPS-loaded routes to specialized “supported tours” ensuring utmost safety. Chris, a certified safety instructor, emphasized the meticulous safety measures they undertake. “When I’m out on a tour, I’m monitoring the situation intensely. We keep to smaller roads and ensure our support vehicles stay a safe distance behind us,” he said.

For groups, Hua Hin Bike Tours offers flexibility. “Our day tours are limited to 10 or 12 people who don’t know each other. But if you’re keen on an organized bicycle ride, we can accommodate over 100 participants. We’d just need a little advance notice to ensure we have enough bikes ready. Presently, we have 75 bikes at our disposal,” he stated.

For those looking for recommendations, Chris suggested a scenic tour to Dolphin Bay in Sam Roi Yot. “Our number one tour offers nice scenery around Sam Roi Yot National Park. Along the way, we have various stops for ice-cold watermelon and pineapple. And we have a really nice seafood lunch,” he elaborated.

Chris recommends another scenic cycling spot towards Prachuap town and the Wing 5 military base. “We cycle by the dusky langur monkeys. They’re gentle and not like the macaques. The sea views on this route are incredible – it’s one of my favourite tours. It’s truly a beautiful experience,” he shared.

In addition to the tours, Chris is excited about the upcoming Tour de Thailand, a charity ride that spans from November 19 to December 1. The tour covers multiple cities, including Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Pranburi and then further south. “It’s 72,500 THB for the ride, which includes everything, bicycle, meals, and a stay in nice hotels.” Chris stated.

Furthermore, every first Saturday of the month, cycling enthusiasts can gather at the Hua Hin Bike Tours office in Khao Takiab for a bicycle flea market. Chris added, “We also offer a small language class where we teach people the Thai words for different bicycle parts.”

As Hua Hin Bike Tours continues to champion cycling in Thailand, it’s a reminder of the endless adventures that await on the roads throughout Prachuap Khiri Khan.

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