We have done bike tours in northern Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. This was BY FAR our best experience. The bikes are great (something not to be assumed, since we got bikes with no brakes on a very hilly Northern Thailand bike ride). Chris and Gae are great. We were in Hua Hin for three days and did three bike tours with them. (Note, we hadn’t been on bikes for 2 years before this…we aren’t bike experts). We spent three weeks in Thailand and the three bike trips we did with Hua Hin Bike Tours were the highlight of our trip!

We saw so much more than we could of otherwise. It’s one thing to take a taxi or a tour, but to bike around the city and then to outer regions that you wouldn’t even think to visit is even better.

In short, do at least one of their bike tours. You don’t need to be an athlete to do it